Some car rental store to cancel the short-term rental business

"The car for more than 15 days minimum", "rental for 3 days? Time is too short! ”…… Few rejected calls, rangruan is very depressed. For addiction, who had just got his driver's license for 25 years old boy, going to spend 3 days to turn around during the Spring Festival with his girlfriend to Ningbo. Yesterday, fulling, he picked up the phone to 3 car rental companies ask for reservations in the city, he received replies but disappointed.
Fast forward to the Spring Festival, under the tight market, car rental companies have played the "minimum 15 days" card. And for working people generally only 7-day lunar new year holiday, 15 day rental limit is equal to turn them away.
Fearing that the cheat appears in the lease rent, some rental companies simply cancel a short-term car rental business.
Rent a car for at least 15 days
"I Lunar chusi to rent for a Poussin......" but before Mr Nguyen finished speaking, immediately phone conversation interrupted, "we make long term car rental, for at least a month to rent. "Mr Nguyen had to set aside yet another call from a car rental company. "Economy car booked, leaving behind the Passat and Buick cars, and minimum 15 days. "Blue sky car rental company staff answered once again let him down. When his brother car rentals about when "15 days" the minimum limit breaks his desire to drive the Spring Festival.
In fact, in Ningbo, some want to buy cars but not too strong economies of the "books" like Ruan's plans.
Journalist yesterday learned from several major car rental companies in Ningbo, during the Spring Festival, increase the threshold of personal car rentals, ordinary economy car rented for more than 15 days at least.
At present, the 3-7 days to rent short term basic car is impossible.
"Rent a car has too many people, and we certainly want to rent to people long. "Is located in the South of zhenan Street brothers Yang Jianming, head of car rental, general rules a day car rent, as long as the rental needs of guests, mostly to meet. But right now few rental peak in a year, "raising the threshold for granted. "
Some leasing companies short term lease
In fact, difficulties of Chinese new year car rental is not simply due to the leasing company due to increase in minimum time.
Short-term car leases often occurs in some problems, such as loss, credit and other risks, as well as electronic tickets and a whole heap of trouble by the police in recent years, which many leasing companies was suspended for car rental services-oriented, turn to rental units or in Pack-years.
Hyde originally and a small number of short-term car rental company cars for hire, but this year, had to hang out "units, group-oriented car rental only" sign. In order to avoid problems of personal car rentals, Unicom early on ruled out short-term car rental car rental, only accepts reservations.
"A car hire company in the city were lied to rent for a long time, recently shut down. "One person in the car rental industry, told reporters.
"More and more companies to cancel personal car rental business, turning to groups, combined with minimum time limits by the Chinese new year car rental, public rental cars is even more difficult. "One car rental company boss said.