Cars cannot be rented

See whether the filing formalities, because in case of disputes, accidents, this relates to whether or not you can receive appropriate compensation. Yesterday, the municipal Committee of administrative law enforcement Corps launched a concentrated inspection campaign on the car rental company in the city. During the operation, if the check is not illegal operators of municipal Committee of the filing formalities will be ordered to close.
Reporter learned that, at present, the municipal Committee for the registration procedures of passenger motor vehicle leasing business has 130, including the purchase of vehicles and for the operating procedures of the 90, a total of 686 units rental commercial vehicles, 7 seats car 409, 7, 12 the following commercial vehicles more than 277. Officials said that the current, the city leasing company violations to absorb private car port and incorporated line, illegal operation, or an illegal driver, offer driver services, so there is a big security risk, if the event of a traffic accident, car rental people's legitimate interests will not be protected, the leasing company will suffer huge losses.
During the course of yesterday's law enforcement, law enforcement officials say, without going through the formalities of the leasing company, will be closed, must be filed in the 15th, only meets the relevant requirements of the leasing industry to get the road license, passenger vehicle to the allotment of the State Archives of road transport permits. In other words, only the case is prepared by the leasing company to engage in business, otherwise it will be revoked by business sector. Meanwhile, law enforcement departments against illegal operators depending on the degree of their sentenced to penalties ranging from 200 to 10000 Yuan.
At this point, officials would like to remind people, when renting a car, should pay attention to check cars for hire-owned residence and degree of technology, if cars cannot be rented, as well as to see whether car rental companies have a vehicle operation permit, taxi availability of road transport permits and insurance, whether to take the risk.
The official also said the "leasing companies do not provide drivers. "Passenger motor vehicle leasing to the lessee shall not provide or disguised provides driving services. When you rent a car "If you need special drivers, can only be used to the travel company tours. ”

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