Car rental to good development prospects

China Road Transport Association engineer, and Beijing transport authority experts Committee members Zhang Yibing on daily economic news said, Beijing as national maximum of car rental market, has has over 10,000 car rental car, and in Xiamen and Fuzhou, car rental of vehicles number has over local of taxi number, and this situation with future years car rental of rushed development, or will in China of multiple city gradually achieved.
After the Asian Games in Beijing, China leasing industry really started, several other large taxi companies in Beijing such as the first auto, auto, silver structures have been established car rental companies. Hot car rental, then spread to the country's capital city and faster economic development in medium city.
Statistics from the China Road Transport Association and 13 car rental companies of central city in China has more than 800 companies, operating vehicles only 45,000 units, 80% operation of these vehicles less than 50 units.
Currently already has at least tens of thousands of car rental companies, this figure compares registered more than 800 enterprises, growth is evident.
Public data show that China has more than 160 million "books", there is no vehicle near two-thirds, completely financed by private car to meet, no doubt will bring environmental and urban management in many negative effects. So people in the industry generally believed that new car rental industry will be the healthy development of the industry as a whole the best lubricants and booster, with great prospects for development.