Car rental will become the major mode of transportation

It is learnt that the car rental industry as early as more than 70 years ago, has been in the United States began to develop rapidly. Today, has produced industry titans such as Hertz, Avis. Hertz car for its car rental business has amounted to more than 1.5 million vehicles, has thousands of outlets around the world, distributed in more than 150 countries.
In the automotive industry is highly developed on the basis of, with the vision of life and work changes, more and more cars for families, individuals no longer need to have for a long time, but come with the car. Car rental Nanning tenant, leasing cars can not only save a lot of investment, do not have to pay such as road maintenance, insurance and maintenance costs, car wreck and other costs to be borne out, don't even require the purchase of garage and parking space. Car rental in units of hours, days, time, may ask the rental company sent a driver to drive. Car rental industry is in this time of rising demand, develop rapidly.
Car rental travel as green transportation, is a kind of public transportation, more convenient for people, free and comfortable travel in foreign countries have been universally accepted. Right now in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, car travel has been accepted by many consumers, car rental Nanning predicted, "I think shortly after China's car rental industry will flourish like a abroad, become the major mode of transportation."