Car rental: no dynamic sunrise industry

Americans Adam in the IT industry. Lori loves to travel around the world. Plane the international airport in the Chinese capital, he couldn't wait to come to the help desk, and expressed the intention to rent a car, get the results left him stunned. Although there are car rental services near the airport, but could not accept an international driver's license, although Adam has a membership of the international car rental company, but the company has no business in Beijing.
Adam told reporters that the United States rent a car his every country likes to rent a car. In particular, to the United Kingdom, he'll be booked car rental before, then there are special buses to the airport to pick him up, all the formalities can be completed on the bus, get off the bus, get a rental car keys can be, to other cities or to the appropriate network is OK, very convenient.
Not only is Adam, many foreigners said, hoping China can enjoy convenient car rental service.
A huge market coveted
Adam and his friends wish may be realized in the near future, currently the only one by one joint venture Anji car rental car rental Enterprises Ltd has been set up in Beijing. Late last year, on the theme "Avis, China Red, aspires to the divine" the opening ceremony was held in Beijing.
"Beijing's market volume is the first in the country, Beijing market share once more than the one-third of the car rental market. "Anji car rental, Marketing Director Yao Yinjun said bullish on China, especially Beijing's car rental market.
"Last year and this year's two-year car rental business development not as fast as the previous two years, not because of the decline in auto sales and hot, very calm. "A medium size car rental company officials said.
Compared to this two-year upheaval with the automotive industry, car rental calm seemed to be thought-provoking, even people in the industry believe that a blowout of the car rental industry is in the making.
In addition to AIVS, United States Herzt already has quietly launched a cooperation with the steam in the Beijing anhua group. As early as the end of last year, an automobile leasing company in the franchise way linked Herzt brand. Herzt and expert analysis, along with a series of international events held in China in the future, such as the Olympics, F1, as well as more and more people are changes in consumer attitudes, lower car rental, rent a simplification of processes and the improvement of quality of service, rent a car will become more and more common, there is a great chance to make money in the future, now is the time.
But experts also believe that probably wants to wait until the brighter prospects for 35 years in the doldrums, investment vehicle leasing industry, after all, is far more complex than build a automobile 4S shop.
This potential is thought to have developed in international and domestic "sunrise industry" currently in China there are vibrant. A few strong and relatively large enterprise rental rate can reach 80%, most SMEs occupancy rate was less than 50%, fails.