Car Lust "link" rental car companies

Rising oil prices led Changchun car costs car owners spend more, to alleviate the burden of--
East Asia will do, and do not absorb the affiliated car. "14th head of some car rental companies pick up the phone, listen to Ming after the other's intentions, have made such responses.
Recently car rental company especially "hot", mainly some car owners to join the car rental company in Changchun. Due to rising oil prices, car expenses increase, many private car owners would like to take this to reduce the burden of keeping a car.
Private wanting leasing company
"The recent period of time, often received a flagship phone for private cars, mainly about renting cars to the relevant circumstances. "14th di name a car rental company's head told reporters. "Our condition is very strict and must be new, useful life in 1-2, car on request, usually cost about 140,000 compact cars, car rental in around 3000 Yuan, after seeing the car more specific research. "The official said," Although there are a lot of people call and ask, but we'll choose carefully. "
In an interview, the reporter also learned, as the last people consulted with more, the original doesn't have a company in this business, also intend to operate the business. In order to reduce car trouble, some car rental companies are only intermediary role, "If customer needs, our company contact. Communication by the owners themselves, the owners assume responsibility for 100%. We charge a fraction of the cost. "A company official said.
Some car rental companies are more cautious. A company official said, "customers are many of the recent consultation, but the trouble is really too much, blew the car, touch is normal, there are a lot of things is out of work, it is hard to predict. So we do not absorb such affiliation. "
The rise in oil prices led to increased cost of keeping a car
Why car owners are keen to rent cars to rental companies? A car rental company's official said that last month, raised the retail prices of oil products on the market in Changchun, car costs, many private car owners feel a heavier burden, Union has joined the idea of leasing companies.
"One customer, six months ago and bought a more than 130,000 yuan of private car to work everyday from satellite square to the people's square, costs such as maintenance, insurance, tolls, gasoline, talk less and to pay more than 800 Yuan a month. Oil is so expensive now, keep a car costs a lot. The customer thinks, bought a new car before long, sold is not cost-effective, rather than leased to rental car companies, they do take a taxi is also not spend much money, but also can earn a fortune. "The official said.