Car rental information

rent a car
First, before the car rental
1, carefully read the terms of the rental contract.
3, check rental vehicle technical condition, appearance, with tools and supplies, learn to use features and the use of anti-theft devices.
4, keep the rental contract and various documents.
Second, hire
1, print out, please carefully check the vehicle's motor oil, gasoline, water, brake, Horn, lights, tires and other performance conditions, recognizing that no obstacle around the brake pedal, no weight on the coat rack, ensure that the effectiveness of the brakes.
2, while driving, you have to consciously abide by traffic regulations, buckle up, warned passengers not to put any part of the body out in order to ensure travel safety. Meanwhile you security and comity, eliminate drunk driving, running red lights, speeding, illegal parking, the vehicles left driving and other violations.
3, please raise vehicle marking required unleaded gasoline.
4, the children go out, please be sure to use the door child safety locks, but do not leave the child alone in the car.
5, when you leave your vehicle, please be sure to use security facilities, and do not put any valuables in the car and inflammable, so as not to cause your item or vehicle is stolen, damaged.
6, to ensure you are using the vehicle ride comfort and fuel economy, please use the correct vehicle: slow touch on the throttle, clutch, not long-term loading unnecessary weight; not long-term excessive use of electrical equipment in order to reduce the fuel because of engine load is too large the reactive loss. Vehicles found to have abnormal sound, warning light, etc you get in touch with us, not you yourself, we will be able to help you out.
7, for your safety and health, please keep the car inside and outside health, promptly clean up ashtrays, gas lighters, cans, hair spray, heat the inflammable.
8, should flush timely after rain and snow vehicle (in particular, chassis, wheels), to reduce the corrosion of parts. Vehicles Wade through time after a check engine if they find water, shall stop immediately and notify the insurance company or professional repair person to check processing, do not start the engine again or continue to operate.
9, when you are leaving this city district please advance to contact us in order to check the vehicle for you in a timely manner, provide additional tax certificates.
10, in case of accidents, traffic accidents, when the vehicle is stolen or damaged, should get in touch with local public security departments as well as relevant provisions of the lease contract, contact us within 24 hours, in order to handle as soon as possible.
11, please keep your car keys, lock keys, certificates, certificate of road tolls and vehicle tools and items, please do not damage or loss.
12, paying on time and ask for a receipt.
13, get to my designated spot for free vehicle maintenance and inspection shall not be extra.
Third, return
1, when you fill up the tank of the vehicle and return it to my company.
2, car, please clean up your carefully placed items in the car, do not miss.
3, carefully count cash, ask for a receipt and safe storage.